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Simulators & training devices

Fliegerisches Training

Our Full Flight Simulators: EC135 & EC145 & H145 

2018_06 SIMs


Aviation Training Devices

Besides dry lease of our simulators, tailor-made flight training and mission-oriented courses according to the training needs of the customers are the main objective of the ADAC HEMS Academy.

Our customers from all over the world trust our high quality training and expertise during our recurrent training / endorsement courses and checks for professional helicopter pilots.
Many of these courses rely on state-of-the-art training technology such as our full flight simulators (FFS) for EC135, EC145 and H145.

As a premier stage of training and as preparation for the simulator sessions our sophisticated System-Training-Devices, Desktop-Trainers and other Aviation training devices provide realistic and cost-efficient mission-training that prepares pilots and flight personnel for real-world situations.


Download pdf: System-Trainer EC135
Download pdf: Desktop Trainer H145