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Police - mission

Police services commonly use helicopters for traffic control, ground support, search and rescue, high-speed car pursuits, observation, air patrol and control of large-scale public events and/or public order incidents. In some major cities, police rotary-wing aircraft are also used as air transportation for personnel belonging to SWAT-style units.

Police aircraft are normally equipped with special equipment, including NVG, FLIR, surveillance cameras, radar, etc. They perform often multiple functions, or are designed so that equipment can be changed quickly when required for divergent roles. For example, a rotary-wing aircraft could be used for search-and-rescue or in a HEMS role.

Flight tasks of an police rotary-wing pilot are quite similar to the HEMS pilot: fast decision making, working under time pressure, flying in an obstacle polluted environment, landing in confined areas or elevated landing sites, often at the limits of the capacities of the helicopter, day and night.

We offer police pilots the perfect training environment to prepare themselves for this demanding operation.