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Offshore – Oil & Gas

Offshore flight operations are a highly complex and specialised process. It requires high levels of training, competence and skill to plan a flight, to land and take off from an offshore Installation and to consistently execute the task safely and efficiently.

When a task is carried out in adverse weather (e.g. poor visibility), during night flying and when other predictable and/or unpredictable factors routinely found in and around the environs of an offshore Installation or vessel, the skills of flight crews can be stretched.

Unlike pilots operating from onshore airfields, offshore helicopter crews have relatively little ground-based technology and fairly limited information to assist them as they commence their final approach for landing on an offshore helideck. It is much the same when taking off. Offshore helicopter crews have to rely heavily on their acquired skills and experience when approaching, landing and taking off from offshore Installations/vessels.

Standard procedures, approach and landing maneuvers on fixed and mobile installations and vessels, take off maneuvers and the avoidance of environmental hazards can be trained in one of our simulators effectively