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Helicopter EMS operations provide an important service to the public by transporting specialized medical crews to the patient, seriously ill patients to intensive care facilities or donor organs and medical material. The pressure to conduct these operations safely and quickly in all conditions, including during deteriorating weather, at night, and on unfamiliar landing sites has the potential to increase EMS operational risk compared to normal passenger-carrying aviation operations.

Realistic and efficient training of the flight crew is therefore paramount. This includes training of inadvertent IMC and night cross-country for the specific area of operation. Night vision goggle or enhanced vision systems are common in nowadays HEMS helicopters and can be trained safely and without any risk in the simulator.

Flight tasks of a HEMS pilot include fast decision making, working under time pressure, flying in an obstacle polluted environment, landing in confined areas or elevated landing sites, often at the limits of the capacities of the helicopter, day and night.

We offer HEMS pilots the perfect training environment to prepare themselves for this demanding operation.