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H145 FFS

H145 – Full Flight Level D Simulator @ ADAC HEMS Academy H145


The up-date from Helionix H1 to Helionix H2 on our H145 simulator DE-1H-010 was successfully certified by EASA / the German CAA (LBA – Luftfahrt Bundesamt) on June 29, 2018.
All appropriate features and advantages compared to H1 are now also available on our H145 FFS for your training. A new certificate is available!

ADAC Luftrettung has decided, as many other operators in EMS, Law Enforcement, Aerial work and Business and Commercial aviation for the new member of the BK117 family – the H145.

The H145 includes enhancements like the Helionix® avionics suite, a 4-axis autopilot; increased performance through the Arriel 2E engines; an anti-torque system with the latest version of Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor; and a new tail gearbox as well as an upgraded main gearbox.

The ADAC HEMS Academy is committed to provide for the H145 a Level D FFS with the highest level of simulation, with the best fidelity. The latest technologies and the highest degree of customization can be expected in order to enhance the quality of the training for our national and international customers.

The H145 FFS of the ADAC HEMS Academy is "ready for training" – now with Helionix 2!

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