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Flight training

The simulated environment in our FFS is providing for building confidence and competence and to develop a certain routine for handling critical scenarios...

We believe that flight training in a simulated environment, performed by skilled instructors, are the base of nowadays training for professional helicopter pilots in search for excellence.

Full Flight Simulator Training is a great tool to significantly improve training benefits and efficiency, while avoiding training risks involved in helicopter operations.

Simulators are especially suited for training situations which are impractical, difficult, dangerous or expensive to reproduce in a live environment. Although these situations are encountered infrequently by aircrews, they need to be dealt with in the most efficient manner possible. We are providing the perfect platform to train these kinds of unusual scenarios in a repeatable and controllable manner, without presenting risks to the crew, the aircraft or to the environment.

The scenarios provided in our FFS are excellent for building confidence and competence and to develop a certain routine in handling critical situations.

The ideal environment to create resilliant pilots.

Why flight simulation?

  • Training of critical scenarios, which cannot be demonstrated or are too dangerous to fly in a real aircraft;
  • Independent of time and weather;
  • "Real" simulation of weather conditions, for example in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC);
  • Training "round-the-clock" possible;
  • No fuel consumption, no noise – environmentally friendly;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs;
  • No waste of time to fly to practice sites: simulation can take place everywhere. A multitude of mission specific scenarios is available or if not yet, are designable;
  • Checking and verification of new procedures in a safe environment;
  • Exact cockpit replication – all switches are exactly where they should be;
  • Training in the SIM is highly recommended by the IHEST and NTSB.

In addition to training on the full-flight simulators, we offer the following supporting training options and services:

  • Extended CBT-training (Computer Based Training) for the EC135 und EC145, as well as the pre-flight check/inspection and safety training;
  • A sophisticated system trainer for the EC135 with touch screen technology;
  • A state-of-the-Art Avionic Desktop Trainer for the H145 – Helionix Step 2
  • Tailormade IOS Trainings for your instructors, obligatory when planning to use the simulators in Dry-Lease;
  • Briefing und De-Briefing rooms, customer offices and training rooms, including modern visualization equipment and a lounge;
  • Catering service, free „high-speed" Internet, online booking tool;